Wednesday, January 29, 2014

T minus 6 days until Cleft Lip Surgery!

Well, we are less than a week from Will's surgery. It actually got bumped up a couple of days due to some scheduling issues and is now on Tuesday, Feb 4.  I've been strong for most of this journey so far, but I've been finding it harder to stay composed lately - I'm so emotional! As I've said before, on one hand I am super eager to have this behind us, but on the other hand I'm worried about how Will will react to the surgery, and even more so, I just can't picture what his new smile will look like and I'm going to miss the sweet smile I've already fallen in love with. We had our preop appointments today with the team and Will's surgeon, Dr. Warren, so now it is actually feeling real - it's hard to believe that the surgery we've been anticipating since we found out about his cleft at our 20 week ultrasound is actually upon us. Everyone on the team is thrilled with his progress with the NAM and there is nothing else that could have been done to make him more ready - he's as well prepared for his surgery as we could have hoped, and that makes me beyond ecstatic. Of course, there are no guarantees that his repair will be "perfect", but I can rest well knowing I did everything I could for him - going with the best cleft team and surgeon around and slugging through 16 weeks of work with the NAM, I know I have given him everything I could for the best possible outcome and won't have any regrets or "what if's". Dr. Warren said the surgery is actually more like 7.5 hours (yikes!), and that's because he does it a bit differently than most other surgeons out there - he repairs not just the lip, but also in this surgery he builds the floor/base of the nostrils and does an initial repair of the gums where he connects all three pieces in the hopes the bone grows together (and thus potentially avoiding a bone graft when Will is older). So now we wait, counting down the final days before his surgery, taking a MILLION pictures of my favorite smile so that we never forget the first smile we fell in love with. And really, we're lucky because as other cleft mommies have said, we don't get just one smile to fall in love with, we get two! And soon we'll be falling in love with Will's new smile all over again. For now, here's a pic of Will at 4 months old last week, as well as his most recent progress pic after 16 weeks with the NAM.


  1. Take lots of pics! Our Will had his surgery in August, and I had your exact same feelings. We will be praying for you guys next week.

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